Pioneering the Passion Economy

5 books that touched Li’s life:

  • Rebecca — Daphne du Maurier: “Sent me down a rabbit hole of Gothic literature during my teen years.”
  • Jane Eyre — Charlotte Brontë: “Contains some of the most beautifully romantic passages in the English language.”
  • The God of Small Things — Arundhati Roy: “Prose that borders poetry.”
  • How Will You Measure Your Life — Clay Christensen: “During my first year after college, I lived in New York City and went through a major existential crisis about work and the meaning of my life. Reading this book was like taking an oxygen supplement at the top of a mountain: it gave me renewed perspective and energy about my work and what I wanted my life to be about.”
  • The Bell Jar — Sylvia Plath:A meditation on what it is to be a woman.”



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Benjamin Perrin

Benjamin Perrin

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